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I have quite a few cookies on the Safari browser but the latest Ccleaner does not list any. There is no way to save the cookies you need. Also it seems Ccleaner is not cleaning cookies at all (yes, cookies is checked for both Safari and Firefox). Ccleaner seems to be getting worse with each version. In Sept. 2017 I reported that Ccleaner was taking a long time to clean and it still is.

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Same problem for me. CC 1.5 does not list cookies, so no way to save any. (running Sierra 10.12.6)

When I replaced 1.4 with 1.5, the first time I ran it, It showed my list of cookies and exemptions saved from Version 1.4. But I couldn't edit that cookie list, and when I ran 1.5 for the first time, it ignored my save list and wiped ALL cookies.

I uninstalled 1.5 along with all preferences and related files, and then re-installed 1.5 again. Fresh install of 1.5 still shows empty cookie list. 

In the end, I decided to go back to CC 1.4, which seems to work as expected.

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I decided to try the 1.5 upgrade on another machine running El Capitan (10.11.6). In this case I had the opposite problem I had running in Sierra.

In Sierra, i could not add or edit the cookie list in any way. CC 1.5 showed the 'saved' cookie list which had been created in Version 1.4, but ignored that list and deleted ALL cookies, including those in 'save' list. When I trashed preferences, and started CC 1.5 with a fresh install, the cookie field was empty and I was unable to edit it or add cookies in any way.

In El Capitan, the cookie list had also been saved from version 1.4 after I upgraded to 1.5 - and I could edit that list. However, after running CC 1.5 in El Capitan, NONE of the cookies were removed.

So, for me, it seems as though CC 1.5, in Sierra, deletes all cookies indiscriminately, with no option to save, and CC 1.5, in El Capitan deletes none of the cookies at all.

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