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I downloaded ccleaner today and think it's the greatest little free gem in the world - except it seems to have permanently killed the ability to store cookies.


I searched through the forums and found the problem with IE7 .... but I am using Firefox


Before I ran the cleaner I unchecked the box for cookies in IE and for Firefox on the App tab.


I also did that box to pick which cookies to save.



Now, my wanted cookies are gone . Permanently. I even uninstalled CCleaner and I still have the problem. Every time I open firefox I have to relogin to my customized Google page, Flickr, Amazon, etc ....


I would think with deleting the CCleaner it would have corrected the problem but the cookies are permanently dead. Restarted, Shutdown, Checked all my Firefox settings.


Any solutions to get my cookies back? They are showing that they exist in my Firefox options but they arent working.

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i simply put the cookies in my safe list and they are never deleted. I can access all of my favorite websites without having log in, etc.


i bet rridgely could explain it in detail for you. i am simply not that good at providing explanations, but it is rather easy once you see it.

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