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Win10Prox64 CCleaner Pro auto starts cleaning on system boot - UNWANTED BEHAVIOR

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Windows 10 Pro x64, CCleaner v5.43.6522 64-bit.

Have been a CCleaner Pro user for years.  Have it set to load at Windows Boot.  For a period of time after a large patch from Microsoft, I want to keep the backup files in case I need to back off an update.  I AM TICKED OFF.  I didn't catch it in time, and it cleaned some percentage before I noticed.  EVERY TIME I reboot the computer, it does the same thing.  It starts an automatic clean.  I NEVER WANT IT TO AUTOMATICALLY KICK OFF A CLEAN.  I ALWAYS look through cookies, for example, before running a clean.  Been away from the computer for 3 weeks.  Come back and so ended up there were 2 big updates.  Now since this malfunction, I can only assume that I can no longer back out of the upgrade, which I am having issues with.  At one point, it said it could save 13 gig of space.  Running an analysis now shows 8 gig to be removed - I have lost 5 gig so far due to this malfunction.  Oddly, when I open CCleaner after boot, it does not take off and run without my permission.  

Options, Monitoring, I have enabled system monitoring, and set If cleaning saves more than..... 15GB.  It STILL autocleans.  I want it to notify me when there is a need for a clean.  I don't want a nag every 5 minutes.  There should be an option to adjust how frequently it reminds you again that you need a clean.  

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