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Updates Always a Day Late


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I am using the free version of CCleaner and am happy with it.

However, I notice the update downloads are always a day or two late, compared to the notification.

I have notifications in the software set to "On", so that I am advised when new versions become available. 

So I click on the button, and am taken to the page for the updates.

I shut down the present instance of CCleaner, just to be sure there are no conflicts with the install of the update.

I select the free version to be downloaded from download.com.

After the update is complete, I notice the new version is the same as the one I already had. This happens all the time. Presently, I am trying to update from 5.43.6520 to 5.43.6522 but still get 6520. (Perhaps download.com doesn't update their posted software on a weekend?) May have to wait until later in the week.

In any case, I do find it irritating to be repeatedly prompted to update the software, but it doesn't seem to be ready yet. Perhaps these notifications should be held off until after the new version is actually ready to be downloaded.

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