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Free hosting - any advice?

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I wonder if anyone has any advice on this:
I help to run a small and informal jazz club, with monthly concerts. I look after a simple website and send out approx 300 emails in one go once a month with a reminder of that month’s concert.
I have a registered domain name, the website is hosted on my TalkTalk webspace, and the emails are sent from my personal email address with the return address spoofed to indicate it comes from the jazz domain. All quite simple, but it works.
TalkTalk are no longer offering webspace after mid July. I have in mind migrating to a free hosting provider. I’ve looked at a few, AwardSpace, FreeVirtualServers, Hostinger, 20i, 000WebHost etc. All would provide ample space and bandwidth. My dilemma is:
1) I need to be able to redirect my existing domain to the new web address. Some free hosters make you transfer your domain name, but I’d prefer the freedom of not doing that.
2) Emails. Most of the above severely limit the number of emails you can send, down to 30 a month or no more than ten in one go. That would obviously not be at all suitable. I could continue in the same way as now, but it would be nice to move the emailing away from my personal setup.
Any advice or help on free hosting in this sort of setup would be appreciated, even if it’s don’t go there. Thanks. I’m UK by the way.

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