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Windows 10 v1803 - CCleaner removes itself?

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Since updating to Windows Home v1803 I find that after running CCleaner v5.43.6522 (64-bit), when I next go to CClean it has actually been removed. The shortcuts state that there is no program to run and I have to go to my Download folder to re-install.
Any ideas on what has caused this and is there a fix please?


CeeDee :huh:

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That's a very odd one.
I have no problem with CCleaner v5.43.6522 on my 1803.

My best guess is that you have an anti-virus programme that is removing it by mistake, this is known as a 'False Positive' in malware fighting circles.

(There was an issue with one version of CCleaner last year, It was resolved but some AV's can still be a little over-agressive about it).

If you have a 3rd party AV (Kaspersky, AVG, Avast, Norton, etc.) check if it has removed or quarantined CCleaner.

If it has then you will need to make CCleaner an 'Exception' in the AV to stop it being removed/quaratined.

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I use Webroot Secure Anywhere as my AV which Windows Defender has accepted. I am not sure why Webroot would suddenly decide CCleaner was malware just because I had updated Windows 10 though.

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All AVs update their definitions and detection methods daily, sometimes 2, 3, more, times a day (at least all the good ones do).
And occasionally mistakes get made and things get blacklisted that shouldn't be.

I'm not familiar with SecureAnywhere, but this is their webpage about checking what it has quarantined:

If you do find that it has quarantined CCleaner then you should restore it, and SecureAnywhere will then ignore it in future scans (Unless you later tell it not to again).

And if it has quarantined CCleaner then you might report it as a False Positive to Webroot so that they can check just why it did so.

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