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CCleaner Pro update error Windows 10

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When you get a popup about an updated version in CCleaner Pro and you click to upgrade, if you get the error "unable to write file" in Windows 10 while it is trying to write the cclearner.exe file, check if you are running MalwareBytes Monitoring. If you are, TURN IT OFF, until AFTER your upgrade finishes.


Exiting out of MalwareBytes monitoring and clicking Retry in the update will cause CCleaner to continue to update and complete. Then you may turn MalwareBytes back ON.

MalwareBytes prevents CCleaner from upgrading.



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There is an 'official' post about this on the Malwarebytes forum, it is affecting various programme updates.
It's a bug in the ransomware protection, the workround is to disable the ransomware protection while you download and install updates.




Malwarebytes 3.5.1 – Known issues with anti-ransomware

We have identified a few issues with the anti-ransomware module in the latest version of Malwarebytes, v. 3.5.1.

System slowdown/excessive memory use:  The next component package update for Malwarebytes (coming soon!) should address this problem.  Typically rebooting will resolve the issue temporarily.

Prevents programs from updating:  Programs such as Skype, Visual Studio 2017, KeePass and others may not update correctly with the anti-ransomware module enabled.  We have a fix for this coming in a later update, but the work-around in the meantime is to temporarily disable the anti-ransomware module while you upgrade.




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