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Update not recognized as installed

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Unfortunately, I don't recall my initial version, but I attempted to update to 5.42.6299 today via the update box on the SW home page.  However, the initial version was less than four months old.  But, after running the install, I got a pop up error box saying that the current version was not installed, and that I needed to update the SW.  I went through the process again, and the same error code came up.  By chance, I found a link on this site for an upgrade.  After running that, I no longer have an error code.

Has CCleaner been hacked again?

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10 hours ago, Tedejr said:

Has CCleaner been hacked again?

There seems to have been a slight issue with a time delay between the update being released and it becoming available on the download site linked to by the update pop-up (filehippo).

So those who tried shortly after the update was released found that they were downloading the version that they already had, instead of the updated version.
And of course this reported again that there was a newer version available.

As you found the 'builds' page on the Piriform site did have the new vesrion, it was just the distribution site that had a delay in making it available.

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