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Windows Storage Sense

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After installing the April 2018 Update. (Windows 10 v1803) I just tried running the new version of Storage Sense.

It's quick - much, much faster than Disk-Cleanup to scan/remove.

It can be easily scheduled to run automatically from the settings.

I used the 'free up space now' option.
This scanned all files in one go, system files as well as temporary files. (Disk-cleanup needs 2 different, very slow, scans).
It presented the scan results nicely with a brief explanation of each category, and then removed them much faster than Disk Cleanup did.
There was of course a 'Previous Windows Installation' to remove which took time, but the rest was lightning fast compared to Disk Cleanup.
(Even the PWI was faster to remove).

Because it's so speedy it's now going into my weekly maintenance tasks as a manual clean/scan.
(I might even just set it to run weekly, but I'm not one who leaves my PC on all the time).

Of course I'll still be running CCleaner to get rid of cookies etc. after every browser session.

More info:

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