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[Possible Bug] Windows 10 - Can't rename Windows apps in Uninstall section

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In the CCleaner > Tools > Uninstall section, it lists all of the programs that I have installed on my computer.

I am in the habit of renaming the programs there. I use prefixes like numbers and category names to change the order of the programs and to place them into groups.

This worked fine in Windows 8.1.

But in Windows 10, there are a bunch of Windows Apps like Calculator, WinZip Universal, and a bunch others that I am unable to rename.  The 'Rename' button is grayed out on just those apps.

Would you be able to add the feature to let us rename Windows Apps as well?

I would hope so.  Thank you in advance.

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Hi.  It's been three weeks since I reported this, and four years since Windows 10 came out.

I didn't get any response from Piriform, so I thought that I would try again.

Will you ever implement this feature - the ability to rename Windows Apps in the Uninstall section of CCleaner?  Currently, we can rename any other program in the Uninstall section EXCEPT Windows Apps.

Any response would be appreciated whether it is 1.) "We don't have the skills and knowledge to implement this", 2.) "We have the skills and knowledge to implement this, but there is something on Windows 10's end that is preventing us from doing this", 3.) "We don't care about adding this feature, so we won't", 4.) "We want to add this feature, but we are too busy so we don't know when", or 5.) "We want to add this feature, and this is our best ETA we can give you at the moment."

Anything other than silence, please.

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