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What happened to Open Folder Containing File?

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It's there in Analyse, but not in run, presumably because there would be little point in it after the file has been deleted. I haven't checked if this is the same on older versions.

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Hi Augeas,

Thanks for the quick reply.  CCleaner does not delete FontCache-Obsolete.  Every once in a while FontCache-Obsolete shows up in the scan results after cleaning.  I used to be able to right click on it to go to the location and get rid of it from there.  It looks like that option is gone.

However, you are correct that it shows up in Analyze.  I did not think to check it there but from now on I will.  When FontCache-Obsolete decides to show up again I'll post a screenshot.

Again, my thanks.

5-16-2018 (16-5-2018) - 3 screenshots added.



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