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[BUG] Mozilla Firefox - Download old cached versions


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Currently Mozilla Firefox keeps downloading the old version from CCleaner. This has something to do with the 'Cache'. The name of the file you download is correct, however the installation itself is the old version.

The issue is persisting now for 6~ months

I've checked if I came accross the same issue on the couple of browsers:

  1. Safari
  2. IE
  3. Edge
  4. Opera
  5. Chrome

They all gave the correct version when you download. Firefox the only browser who keeps giving us the 'old' version. Yes, I made an account specific to call this out, since it's been too long this issue has persisting.

Most likely this issue is at Mozilla's Firefox's end, yet very annoying for customers/users who use MF as main (or only) browser. I am able to reproduce this issue on MF 100% of my attempts.

It would be nice to see this issue being fixed somehow.


Sincere regards



PS: If needed I can record my desktop and upload a video to see what's happening, not sure if my English is good enough to explain.

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