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CCleaner Free, V5.41.6446, German version
I installed Win 10 Pro, and I also added a free version of CCleaner to my new Laptop.
So now every new start of my desktop PC (User Account Control) commands that I affirm/allow running the App CCleaner?
But only on my PC version of CCleaner - why is that and how can I change that?
Sorry, I cannot make a screenshot ofthis command, does not work in this 

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wait, if the problem is about the desktop why mention the laptop at all. Am I misreading your question?

On the desktop you can set ccleaner to skipuac in ccleaner's options.

You can, conversely, in ccleaner's options, turn off monitoring and turn off start with pc (can't remember what the actual words in ccleaner but it's something like "run at startup")

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ty your answer Nergal,
1.  I mentioned Laptop in case it could be the problem of running two cleaners.
2. also mentioned it because I never had any problems with this cleaner.
3. what is pls  to skipuac ?
4. I have always stopped from starting CCleaner in Autostart and only use/open  it to use when shutting down pc.
Sorry if my english may not be correct

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