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Suggestion to exclude Dragon web extension for chrome

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I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking quite a bit. It's pretty cool. I wear a headset with a microphone, and I can simply speak commands into my microphone, and seldom have to use my hands to type. I used to be able to type 70 to 80 words a minute, but something's going on with my right hand, so I usually just end up using my left hand to type. That really slows me down. So that's why I began using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I just so happen to be using the professional version, and I believe it's version 15.

Since I use Google Chrome, I installed the Dragon web extension for chrome. But I discovered that every time after I ran CCleaner, when I launched chrome again, I would get a message telling me that the Dragon web extension had been disabled or uninstalled…and it asked me if I wanted to reinstall it. I called nuance t ech support (the people who make Dragon NaturallySpeaking) and reported the issue to them. They suggested I instead make an enhancement suggestion to CCleaner. Which makes sense to me. But before I did that, I added this path to be excluded from CCleaner:  C:\Users\james\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\ddaloccgjfibfpkalenodgehlhkgoahe\ Sure enough, when I did some testing by running CCleaner, and then launching chrome, no more message telling me that I needed to restore the Dragon web extension for chrome. As far as I'm concerned, my issue is solved…but I'm merely making the suggestion here for the benefit of other Dragon NaturallySpeaking users who might not think to put in that exception. I don't honestly know what difference it makes, if any, what version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking someone is using. I mean, is the extension name the same? Not sure. But I wanted to at least float the suggestion to maybe start the conversation.


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