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Misreporting Asus ROG 1080ti OC


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g'day Ken and welcome to the forums.

Damn, really?, 11GB, never knew they were making them that high. :D
is that for VR or crypto mining or something?  can't be just for games, surely?!?

again... DAMN.  I'm impressed. (and my mind blown)
that bad boy must have set you back in that one component what I could make 2 business work horses out of or one good gaming PC for.

but as for Speccy, it is what it is, probably just reporting what it found from WMI interrogations.

click Start and in the search field type in dxdiag and click the dxdiag.exe program it should find.
click the Display 1 tab and see what it reports as the RAM for the vid card.

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I do my own builds based on cutting-edge availability. For myself, not as an enterprise. My last build was in 2009 right after Windows 7 came out and it carried me until this year when I decided it was time to do it again. 7900x i9 processor, 64GB G.Skill RGB Ram, Water cooling. Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard, Samsung NVME M.2 960 Pro SSD card,  and of course the Asus ROG Strix GTX1080ti OC.  I do use it for gaming (Warcraft Raiding) but also video editing so it comes in very handy there.

CPUID reports 11264MB

DXDiag reports 11127MB


Hope that helps.


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