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screen res. diminished after cc startup

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I have seen that happen before but not from CCleaner, instead it was after using RegSeeker's Tweaks->Rebuilt Icon Cache. And it's very difficult to undo unless you restore the Windows registry to a time before it happened. That's about all I know about it, however I'd think if DJLizard see's this he'll know the exact fix.


In the meantime you "may" be able to fix this by one of the following two methods (no gaurantee's however):

* Restart Windows in safe mode so that it will load all icons in a lower resolution, then reboot into normal mode.

* Download Microsoft Tweak UI, then click Repair->Rebuild Icons->Repair Now. And then restart Windows.


It probably wouldn't hurt to run chkdsk on your hard disk as well:

1. Start->Run->type in: chkdsk /f c:

2. Restart Windows.

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