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- The lastest version of Recuva (v1.54) has a number of language related problems. The installation program fails to recognize the fact that I have a dutch Windows system and therefore fails to propose dutch as the installation language. Then all texts in the first installation screen remain in english. Other Piriform programs do recognize that I have a dutch computer system when I install that program. But - as mentioned - above, not RECUVA.

- I would assume that it should be fairly simple to copy that from other programs to RECUVA.

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i think its normal...


because if you has installed it the first time - english is standard and you must say for example recuva that you want dutch as your language on the first install-page. after this its allright (i used older recuva 1.52 and its all in german after changing languagesetting- perhaps is 1.54 a bad step backwards... i dont know)

i thought it was in all piriform-tools that at the first install is english as default... but i dont have try it yet with all (im to lazy tonight) :lol:

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- RC v1.53 is the latest version.

- When I run the installation program (RC v1.53) and select a language (I tried dutch, german and french) then all texts in the GUI remain in english. Only when RC "extracts"/installs the files (the screen with the "progress bar") it displays the text(s) in e.g. dutch, german and French.

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