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CCleaner takes long time to load

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On three on my Win7 systems, clicking on the Cleaner button will cause the Analyze button to immediately be active. On my desktop, it can take up to a minute for it to be active. The 2 desktops and a netbook have Win7 Home and another laptop unfortunately has Win 10. Clicking on the Registry button does not have the lag. Any idea why? It's been happening since at least version 5.09. I'm using 5.40.6411

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I remember having a similar problem a while ago (about version 5.30 to 5.33 ?), but mine was a bit more severe and the buttons stayed greyed out until I force closed CCleaner.

I captured some debug logs and it seemed to be an issue with CCleaner trying to check for updates but not making a connection.

Try turning off your internet connection (flight mode if you have it) then running CCleaner and seeing if that stops the lag happening.
CC should recognise that there is no internet so won't try to look for an update.

It's not a regular workaround, but it would point out if that is the issue here.


You could also try unticking Options> Settings> "Inform me of updates to CCleaner", to see if that makes any difference.
(But I think that it still checks, just doesn't tell/bug you if it finds one).

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