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Why does Windows 10 automatically delete files and zip up files dump

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I have had nothing but problems since I installed Windows 10.  One machine within a period of a year crashed 2 times forcing me to completely do all the work over again.  So I wen't back to Windows 7!!!  But on my other computer that I use for gaming, Windows 10 does so many odd things.  I had it set up very nicely and than the next day all my documents had been moved out of my documents folder and half the emulations wouldn't register the joystick and move the emulators  where they were no longer visible into a user/my documents but you had to go to a different place to locate them.  But absolutely all my emulated systems disappeared.  And Windows would automatically zip everything up.  So I am considering going to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7,  or recover my files.  Is it better to roll back to an earlier version of Windows or can I just try to recover my emulated stuff.   Is this normal how windows 10 treats its clients.  Any suggestions to know what fork I should take.  

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That is not normal behaviour for Windows 10.

If things are moving and being zipped like you say then it suggests a malware infection.

Due to forum rules, we can't give advice on malware removal, see rule 10 in this link for where to get free help checking your system for malware and getting it removed.


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Moving things about and zipping them sound more like some kind of ransomware activity, rather than a virus per-se.

If you have done a full 'clean' reinstall (delete all files) then you should be good to go.

But remember if you did pick up some malware then it got past your current protection, so could well do so again.

Be careful where you visit and what you download.

Consider getting a malware scanning programme from a different supplier than your current one, so that you can do a periodic scan to give a second opinion and check for anything  your real time protection may have missed.

Not another Anti-Virus, you shouldn't try to run two at the same time or they will clash.
(An exception is Malwarebytes which is designed to run happily alongside most other AVs).
Even the best AV/AM can miss something, that's why it's sensible to have a second scanning option from another supplier.

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