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Unstable system after malware removal

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[Windows 7 64b Ultimate on Dell T7500]


I ran MalwareBytes (machine became very SLOW) and found 627 PUPs.  One of them  was flagged as serious malware  I only choose this PUP marked serious and told MalwareBytes to quarantine it.  MalwareBytes said restart of machine necessary to complete job.  I rebooted.


And, after that on restart Windows "desktop" came back but it is totally black.  Mouse moves around screens.  Did restart a second time.  Same thing.  So, I restarted in Safe Mode.  Same thing.  Mouse moves.  Black desktop.


So, John_C told me to do F8 "Use last known good configuration".  I did this and now have my machine "usable" again.


But, now, I have a program called ByteFence (which I did not consciously install) telling me to run scan and fix computer.


So, I am worried  that I have a crippled machine with malware that has to be removed


What reliable software can I use to fix my machine?  

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Have you asked Malwarebytes?

If you have the paid version you can raise a support ticket Directly with them.

If you are using the free version (or the paid for) then you can get advice at their user forum, including step by step help from one of their malware removal experts to make sure that your machine is cleaned completely.


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CCleaner is not about malware removal.

CCleaner is primarily used for clearing out unwanted cookies (eg. tracking/location cookies) and other temporary files.
Most call it CrapCleaner, it cleans away the crap. (Although some, less poetic, souls call it CookieCleaner).

It also has other useful tools and features.
Take care when using these other tools that you know what you are doing, and don't just blithely run them.
Be especially wary of the Registry Clener, you shouldn't realy use it unless you know what you are doing, it can 'break' your machine if used indiscriminately - always use the backup option before 'fixing' the registry.



But, now, I have a program called ByteFence (which I did not consciously install) telling me to run scan and fix computer.

Bytefence is a legitimate programme, but it often gets 'bundled' when you install something else.
When installed from a bundle it will change browser settings, etc. without asking you.
The constant pop-ups it gives are trying to get you to buy the full version.
For this reason it is often classed as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programme) by AV and AM programmes.
The guys at MB can/will remove it if you take their help checking your computer as in the link I gave above.

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