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As the one person who's responsible for the unpaid maintenance of ten or so computers belonging to family and friends, I'm always looking for ways to make my life easier. To that end, I install free versions of CCleaner and Speccy on all the computers. The model I'd prefer is to not install any Piriform product on any computers because although they make things easier in some respects, they add to the maintenance load, needing to be updated almost every time I hold an, infrequent, maintenance session on each computer. None of my family or friends uses them.

What I'd prefer to be able to do is to run CCleaner and Speccy from a USB memory stick. That would have the advantages of my being able to pay a modest sum to Piriform for these excellent products, and not needing to install ten sets of software. At the moment, the choice is between using free versions, or buying ten licences at GBP 25 each at a cost of GBP 250, which is far too expensive. The exact sum isn't relevant: ten times anything is going to be a lot of money. How about it, Piriform?

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Hello ,  this is only " my " opinion. okay ?? i have had CCleaner since 2005 and we are going to upgrade the program in a few months as we may be moving. they do not , and i am referring to your comment of updating almost every time. i download their new version which comes maybe twice a month and sometimes there are 3 a month and it takes me 2 minutes. it tells me in the bottom that there's a new version and also tells me when i go to run the program and it is the fastest update to run of all my programs. maybe i am taking it the wrong way , but when you refer to all the computers is that your 10 pc's or yours & family & friends ? if they don't use them then why would you put it on theirs ? " my " opinion again. it should be on every ones pc and i am probably taking you wrong because CCleaner is on 2 billion and counting pc's worldwide and in 55 languages. Speccy is not on my pc because i download it when i have a problem and use snap shots and when i am done i delete it. no offense Piriform , but the program gets an A+ from me. i assure you i am not trying to be disrespectful , but i would charge them if you d/l the paid version and they don't even use the free one.:wacko: Take Care , Don B.


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On 04/03/2018 at 08:47, jacquesfrancis said:

 I install free versions of CCleaner and Speccy on all the computers.

Why not put the portable version on a USB stick and carry that around to the various PCs rather than installing on each PC?

As it is the free version that you would be running then I don't see any problem with the licencing.
(Otherwise why make a portable version at all?)

If you made your PRO version portable (yes it can be done) then licencing would become an issue.

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