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SIgn out or password problems

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I wasn’t sure what was doing this until I tested to make sure why. CCleaner is deleting a lot of my sign in names and passwords or at least signing me out of sites. I have rarely had this happen until a recent version or two. I just can’t be having all of these new sign in problems and I have always just checked internet cache, cookies, download history and last download location. So it seems like the saved passwords etc should still be there. Some sites will still have the passwords if I put in the name although I have been signed out. I mostly use firefox, but I do see that it is deleting IE sign ins also. I am not sure about chrome but I think it has the same problem. Maybe CCleaner is just signing me out, although I don’t remember it doing that before. Is there any way I can fix this so I don’t have the hassle? Thanks for any help.

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You should check if it is actually Ccleaner that is doing this, especially if it seems to be with more than one browser, and even more especially as you say some of your passwords are saved.

It is becoming more common for sites that require a login to block auto-completion of the password field (and sometimes the name field as well) for security reasons.
They also log you out automatically after a period of inactivity, again for security.

Some sites that used to allow auto-completion are changing to now require the password to be typed in.

So even if you have the password saved in your browser that particular login page will not accept it, you have to type it in.

If you are using Firefox you should be able to examine the page HTML code to see if this is the case for a particular site.
Select (highlight) the password box on the login page, right click the selection, and select 'View selection source'.

Here is an example from a mobile phone account login page.
Note the coding autocomplete="off" which means that the password has to be entered manually.

<input name="password" id="capture_signIn_traditionalSignIn_password" autocomplete="off" pattern="^(?=\s*\S).*$" value="" data-validation-input="required" class="eeid-input show-hide-password__input form-control__field" type="password">


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Some websites store login information as 'cookies' in your browser instead of 'credentials' objects that can be identified by CCleaner under the 'Saved Passwords' cleaning definition. I would suggest visiting the websites in question, logging in and then moving the cookies into the 'Cookies to Keep' list in CCleaner > Options > Cookies.

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