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CCleaner v5.40


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The Piriform team would like to announce the latest release of CCleaner for Windows.

This update adds more cleaning for Edge and a screen where you can review your subscription status. Additionally, the Avast offer in the CCleaner installer is no longer shown if you have previously declined it.

If you have suggestions for what you'd like to see next in CCleaner, please drop by our forums and let us know in our suggestions area.

Browser Cleaning
  • Edge: Added new 'Set aside tabs' cleaning rule
Windows Cleaning
  • Added warning for 'Old prefetch data' cleaning rule


  • Minor user interface improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


Download now! 
You can download CCleaner Free here.

Fancy a few more features? Download the CCleaner Professional trial version here

If you are already a CCleaner Professional user your installation will update automatically.


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File Verification

Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes.


CCleaner Installers

ccsetup540.exe - CCleaner Free installer
    MD5:    adfcd7d06e9ccea62827f1f9bae9318d
    SHA256:    72c650f8b4cb5d411375bbc965ba29c81aebc6d40991a3cda5ff5a333051e66b

ccsetup540_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro installer
    MD5:    6389d30d5780fde167b17b5ab15d59c2
    SHA256:    31fb4083218e9333659449e5543c625c25cc1c942c73f720a6a570cbb34489ee

ccsetup540pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial installer
    MD5:    d4bff0357a38eaf76306266e24d49067
    SHA256:    7d03a20559a6715754015d2622d11613c85d502f09aebf4d35312c6b92af1da4
ccsetup540_te.exe - CCleaner Technician Edition installer
    MD5:    aba2743e3cd00b4446a831e2244ed49b
    SHA256:    6a7b40408b4f43601ce4e58f3471dcd7337de4253d5cd38bc4ce63bc20929f18

ccsetup540.zip - CCleaner Portable (zipped)
    MD5:    91c4d297261cdb4e1e3cf7d68581b417
    SHA256:    cc0a835ecbe6a28e4cec9d945e73f8ba08c58f4f28a21bc659e5638d5ed6c4a2

ccsetup540_slim.exe - CCleaner Free (slim installer)
    MD5:    68e35c15202abfb13cda313daf34fe81
    SHA256:    1fe4908dd2018dbc480de1aff69a21fa69142e4e11f73fd10b9c86488b373362

ccsetup540_be.exe - CCleaner Business Edition installer
    MD5:    ac90cf09fa4a05db670b0fc88defe4ce
    SHA256:    f7f3f9a6514e42a07e70976b8419c6da459645d86811dbbdfdcb77fbc1b633a0

ccsetup540_be_trial.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Trial installer
    MD5:    22b4c71b270039ee85eca894c9310efc
    SHA256:    21b42b06c105f6dc923286138df8e3db4df1185b2331115e9a9c3de073991fb6

ccsetup540_x64_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 64-bit MSI installer
    MD5:    590fc8a0ef65e77d7dee8b55c31354db
    SHA256:    6b035053454899a102cc8beffb0b9fe83b2f24c7d1987541dfccd002fb54479f

ccsetup540_x86_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 32-bit MSI installer
    MD5:    ef6694dedde97d1b2826a4debd7dca84
    SHA256:    34741e2b57f5465e63085ce806c2ce4ce657b9a2448d05fec0742359c2d20fc5


CCleaner Application Executables

CCleaner.exe - CCleaner 32-bit binaries
    MD5:    357cc6fc92569467a5407f3574d69008
    SHA256:    60d3d2eb09309be0d876bcf4540ee8f1090b917bd0f6fec4302ad8cae6494eac

CCleaner64.exe - CCleaner 64-bit binaries
    MD5:    dd3952e3a7df8f3c0b93f32e0be15be8
    SHA256:    556e94812b4041b284af6715f1ad6086b908381359b8f333f42fb2735cce6f0f

CCUpdate.exe - CCleaner Emergency Updater
    MD5:    34c272dc95cfac08cd86b59e14c95b0d
    SHA256:    2b5c15fccb8e7b53209a33983d9d12f9177b5c4dc20d34fd6bbbc4e81b51fbf2

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