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False report of defrag?

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Sorry for the duplication - I received a rejection notice on the first posting.

Just defragged my 1gig Hd, Win7,  with your v.2.21.993(64bit) program.  Default settings were not adjusted.  The program ran for 58 minutes, rather than the 13 hours it estimated.

*The Hd was reported to be 24% fragged before, and 26% after full defrag.  This is nothing new, it has never shown 0 fragmentation, I didn't take time to look at it before.

*I checked with Windows 7 defragmenter and it analyses the HD as having ZERO  fragmentation now.  Fragmentation not checked before I ran your Defraggler.

Any idea why the program may not be reporting what it has done?


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- In Win 7 Defraggler isn't able to defragment the System Restore Points. In Win XP it is able to do that.

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