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Nobody like to spend dozen of hours, repeatedly


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First of all, this forum is in English, and I must have the better writing to explain my problem : I'm French.

I have had a problem with my home-PC, freshly working with W10. The master HDD is solid state, but I mounted 2x1.0TB Werstern D.

Curiously, both 1To suddenly lost their data. I do not tell you that these discs contained all my texts, photos, etc.

On my W10 laptop, I installed Recuva and mounted one of the drives on an external USB box.
In first quick search, Recuva did not find anything. So I launched the "Deep scan" and it is announced 10 hours ...


10 hours later, Recuva is still installed, but the search window - which should show the lines of files that can be restored - has disappeared. I'm at the second attempt and the RECUVA problem remains the same.
What can I do to make this savior work without problems?
This is the free version and I am ready to invest, but for now, I'm not convinced ...

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