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Running CCleaner at AUTOMATICALLY at shutdown possible ?


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I don't want to run CCleaner at startup but at shutdown.


This should be done automatically.

Is this possible (in future versions) ?


Currently all tracks which should be erased remain on the harddisc until the next startup.

Hence a bad guy can mount the extracted harddisc on another computer and get the information

which actually should be erased.


To achieve this CCleaner must be started at startup and hide in the Systray.


Other Washer Software (e.g. Webroots WindowWasher) can do this.

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If you're using WinXP do it via a batch file, really simple actually.


Listed in the code below is an example batch file to do it. Just Copy and Paste the code into an empty Notepad window and save as for example (including the quotes):

"CCleaner then Shutdown.bat"


@echo off"%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe" /AUTOshutdown -s -t 30 -c "System Shutdown"echo --------------------------------------------------echo To abort shutdown:echo Click this open Window and then press any key onecho the keyboard.echo.echo To allow shutdown:echo Don't press anything on the keyboard.echo --------------------------------------------------pauseshutdown -aclsexit


To change the shutdown parameters such as the time, comment, etc., view the help file via a Command Prompt by typing in: shutdown /?

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...or look into windows logoff scripts...


http://tinyurl.com/ezdgd (microsoft.com)



I keep meaning to sort out a really simple script that will run CC with the /AUTO switch, but I run it (with /AUTO) from a desktop shortcut and don't feel the need to have it fully automated right now.


if anyone else sorts out the scripts, that would be great to see posted here :)

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