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SocketShield adds layer of protection

Guest Viki

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Guest Viki

I found this very interesting...

A software that works at the services level to prevent malicious software even before a patch has been developed for the flaw. Check it out. The beta version is free but will become necessary to purchase a yearly license after the full version is released later this year. B)



Exploit Prevention Labs (XPL)




Zero-day exploits are traded online for financial reward. International cyber-gangs cruise the web, constantly on the lookout for software vulnerabilities to exploit. Actively seeking to make money by defrauding computer users, these gangs lurk behind the scenes on legitimate websites and use drive-by download techniques to deliver their poisonous payloads - without your knowledge or permission.


Software vulnerabilities are a fact of life. What's needed is a way to prevent the bad guys from exploiting the risk window ? the time between discovery and patching of a vulnerability. This risk window is getting wider as the criminals get smarter ? zero-day exploits can be in circulation within minutes of a vulnerability being announced, while software companies take an average of two months to distribute a fully-tested patch.


SocketShield stops exploits from getting on to computers during the risk window. Easy to use, it protects vulnerable systems against drive-by-downloads and other web-based zero-day exploits. Developed by the people behind PestPatrol and ZoneAlarm, SocketShield delivers the first truly effective protection against zero-day exploits.


Download Link: http://www.explabs.com/downloads/beta/getinstaller.asp


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