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my personal spin on using 'the cloud' as a backup option....

really, whatever works for you, a backup is a backup.  I don't care how/where, just do them.

BUT.... with the cloud, all that data has to be 'sent' there, and if needed, 'retrieved' from there.
for most people, living in suburbia, with fast internet and large monthly allowances, that may well be a viable option.
but some of us mere-mortals live in whoop-whoop land with shite internet service and that sort of cloud usage (780gig) is simply a dream.

so with an external drive, that becomes a pseudo-cloud device instead.
use it to store all your backups.

CAVEAT...  all mechanical hard drive hate vibrations.  an egg shell is a good analogy.  the same force needed to crack an egg shell, if applied to a hard drive, will cause some level of damage.
internal drives, as in laptops and desktops, although still susceptible, are somewhat protected by all that surrounding metal and plastic.
not so with the external drives.  so the warning is, once plugged in, try not to move them.  if not in use, unplug them and store it somewhere safe.

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Thanks for the information and tip.  I've been deleting cloud files and I've freed up 354 gigs.  I'm going to watch closely so it won't start growing again.  If you ever find what caused those files to grow so huge send me a note.  Charjeanne

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