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Question About "Tools - Uninstall"

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Good morning and Happy New Year one and all.

This morning I was looking at CC with "Tools - Uninstall" and noticed that the programs listed included apps from Windows 10 as well as all the programs included in Windows 10 and those I have installed myself.

When I use Windows 10 "Programs and Features" apps are not listed....just programs.

Also looked under Revo Uninstaller and no apps are listed.....just programs.

So, I guess I have 2 questions:

1 - Where does CC gets it's information about programs and apps on the system?

2 - What will happen if I tell CC to uninstall an app?  I know that Xbox is an app in Windows 10 that according to all research cannot be uninstalled, yet it is listed under CC.  Can I uninstall it without harming my system?????

Well 3 questions actually:  What is the difference between what CC lists and "Programs and Features" lists and "Revo Uninstaller" lists?  (Probably a research question referring back to ? 1)

That about does it for me today.  Everyone have fun and stay warm.  Appears we are all in for some snow.  :rolleyes:








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My experience with it is that it deletes the files associated with the apps, presumably from C:\Program Files\WindowsApps and C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Packages

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