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"Device not ready" after recover


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An external HDD I use on a desktop pc as the redirected target drive for ProgramData and Users files was accidentally erased. I detached the drive and connected it to a laptop to prevent any overwriting.

I downloaded Recuva onto the laptop and preformed a Deep Scan on the external drive. Once I had a List View of the recovered files, I went through and 'checked' off the documents to save - primarily PDF's, some Jpegs's. All files checked off were 'Green' and showing as excellent. I then selected the option to save them to another external drive with more than enough capacity to store the recovered files (recovering from a 320GB drive to a 2TB drive)

The recovery took 2 minutes 2 seconds to complete. Recova only transferred over 13 out of the 4,500+ files that were checked off with a message saying "Device not ready". Also, none of the 13 PDF files transferred will not open - Adobe error message.

Full screen Recuva snip.JPG

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