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help recovering files


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Hi Alan, and welcome to the forum.

You don't give much info so we don't know how you lost your files.

If you deleted them, then use a "Deep Scan" if you haven't already. If some problem occurred with the drive and you simply can't access your data any more, make sure you select "Scan for non deleted files" in "Options\actions".

Hope that helps.  smile01.gif.2ad10406e62a344650c1a262379a8cda.gif

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They say upfront that FAT32 is very difficult to recover. Good luck. Most likely none of them will work, but if you can find out about the file format, you might try a converter to put it into a different format of the same kind such as, for example, mp4 into mpeg or something like that. They might have run into the issue and have a fix builtin to handle it.

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