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AVAST install with CCleaner, really?!


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I just updated my CCleaner. I always choose Customize. So now AVAST thinks it's cute to secretly install their nearly 900 MB AV program with CCleaner?? I saw NOTHING about AVAST being included to even Uncheck. Bundling PUPS is one thing, but really now! This is beyond unacceptable. In fact, the only way I knew it was installed was when WinPatrol popped up a notification it wanted to update!! You don't just go installing an AV app without someone's knowledge OR permission. Unbelievable!!

 They can stuff this piece of garbage where the sun doesn't shine. I now must uninstall and run a tool to rid myself of it.

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I just registered as a forum user solely to echo this complaint.

Like most of your users, who tend to be rather computer savvy, I fully understand the need to subsidize your free offerings (although I'd point out that if your paid downloads aren't doing the job, there's a problem with your business model or marketing). But the AVAST app is clearly deliberately coded to skirt detection by Unchecky and then installs itself in a hidden, or at least nonstandard, location. Moreover, I have to download an uninstaller from AVAST and then restart my computer in safe mode to uninstall it?

This is underhanded and beneath a company of your industry stature, and it calls into question the integrity of even your paid offerings.

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I just experienced this stupidity today. AVAST will not uninstall by normal means. You have to download the uninstall tool from the AVAST web site, reboot into Safe Mode then run the AVAST uninstaller tool. Really!?

It's bad enough that Piriform forces AVAST onto you but it is completely unacceptable that you cannot uninstall AVAST by normal means.

I have to accept partial blame for clicking through the CCleaner installation process too quickly but this has never been an issue before today.

I have hopefully uninstalled AVAST and have also uninstalled CCleaner. I do not want to go through the AVAST uninstall process again.

I will not be installing or renewing CCleaner for this reason.

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  • Admin

Hi everyone,

I apologise that this has occured. We are investigating an issue affecting some users where the offer is not displayed immediately on the 'Install' screen. That is not at all the intended behaviour and we are gathering information so we can fix this.

Any details you can share would be greatly appreciated and will assist us in reproducing, diagnosing and ultimately fixing the issue. Please visit the thread below to stay updated and share any specifics of your situation. There are some questions in that thread I have asked that will help us to investigate and reproduce the issue quickly.


I will close this thread now so we can direct other affected users to a single source of information and discussion.

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