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Flash settings in Chrome

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I need to set a flash link in my "allowed" apps, but chrome://plugins/ is busy or now on a different site. I've tried using the settings menu, but the website: https://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/ is not able to be entered there. "/onthefarm/" can be typed but it is removed in edit. I turned off all my extensions; tried logging out of Facebook; tried loggining into Google and cleaned the browser; and tried again. Nothing works. Can you tell me if I save a cookie in Ccleaner if that helps? I use McAfee firewall and can't find or don't know how to put the flash cookie there, either. I sent a report to Google, but I don't know if they reply to those. I don't really want to use FireFox, ok. The setting is Flash global (ask) and Flash link website name added to the "Contents" under Privacy and Security, Advanced settings in Chrome (allow). I know I've asked McAfee about this same problem years ago, but the answer was distracting-ly not right. I also want to download the "Gameroom" but my computer is wonky so I haven't done it. I do allow flash to store information from the game, but I'm not sure if I should be using a special "advanced" setting in cCleaner to get it to work properly and not delete data stored there. 

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