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Scan Finds Files But Recuva Doesn't Display Them

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Hi,  I'm trying to recover some files in a compact flash card. I am using a Deep Scan. The scanning takes about 20 minutes and shows along the way that it is finding files. There seem to be 1352 files found. Then the next stage starts and there's no files in the system to display. Can someone please tell me how to correct this?  Any help is deeply appreciated.  Ben


Additional Note:  The message at the bottom of the screen says "(1,187 files ignored)".


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additional information added at the bottom. (Ben, I removed your double post as this one had the most recent info :) )
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Remove all filters from the scan except the drive letter. In other words don't specify file type, folder or any limiting parameter. Then run the deep scan (It will take no longer than before).

You will, or should, still get an ignored file count. This represents live undeleted files on the card. You should also get a list of found deleted files.

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