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Duplicates: Same file, same location

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When I run Duplicate Finder, I get many lists of dups of the same file in the same location with creation dates that differ by a only few seconds. Firstly, what's going on? and secondly, isn't this a case where an automated delete-all-but-one would be very useful?

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Dup Finder also terrifies me.

the faith you are about to put into some automated process that has the potential to do some fantastic damage to your files is alarming.

the list it pops up is your one - and only - chance to have any control of that removal process.
personally I would use it more of a "so that's where all my space is being chewed up" highlighter and manually going to folders and remove files.

if you are going to use it, I cannot stress enough the importance of a tried and true backup regime before hand.

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