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JRT (Junkware Removal Tool) discontinued

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I liked JRT in general, a reasonably quick junkware scan with no installation needed, even if it did seem a bit old fashioned running in the Command Window with no GUI.

But once Malwarebytes acquired JRT in 2015 then it was always their stated intention to incorporate it into the main Malwarebytes programme itself.

The same was stated when they acquired ADwCleaner in 2016.

Moving JRT's removal functions into ADwCleaner seems just the first step of this, JRT and ADW did cover quite a bit of the same ground.

Expect ADW to be incoporated into Malwarebytes at some future time.

As far as I can see the main feature that will be lost is JRT's creation of a restore point as a first step before anything gets scanned and removed.
I've always liked that 'backup' feature, TBH I often use it as a quickish way just to create a new restore point rather than going through Windows.

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Ahhh, well.  :(  All the old good stuff is disappearing. 

Older versions of ADWCleaner & JRT are still available for now. 

I'm keeping them on a USB storage device against the time when they disappear completely. 

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- I assume that MalwareBytes "absorbed" the technology into it products. Time to download JRT one more time. I hope the old algorithm will continue to work in the (near) future.

- JRT is for 2 (or 3 ??) of my programs too aggressive. It forces me to re-install those programs again. Have to be very choosy when I want to use it.

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yep, I'll be keeping it, and using it, for quite some time to come.

I reckon it'll be like cwshredder ands tdsskiller in my arsenal, both old as the hills, no updates for ages, but they still (admittedly rarely) find stuff.
they are old programs that find old malware, so I'm happy to still run them, takes no time to run.

but because I had them yonks before MBAM, I always run them before MBAM, so I need to run MBAM first then those and then see if they ever find stuff that way.
old habits die slowly.:)

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