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SPD Modules vs RAM Memory slots

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Guys, I am trying desperately to understand how many slots my PC has because I want to upgrade my current RAM memory from 2x8GB that I have right now to 32GB. 

Thus I am trying to understand if U should buy 2 more RAMS of 8GB each, or 2x16GB and replace them with the ones that I have now.

After all, I installed Speccy and I see the following picture on it (attached files).

I have the following question: Should I look at number of SPD modules or number of memory slots?

Can you answer me responsibly how i could upgrade to 32GB taking advantage of the slots I have?

Some tests I did:

1. online scan tool from crucial says I have 2 slots for memory

2. task manager of windows 10 64 bit says I have used 2 out of 4 memory slots.

3. Speccy on the attached.

4. CPUZ: 4 slots



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g'day @trianta and welcome to the forum,

people have been caught out before by Speccy not correctly reporting the number of slots.

it does look like, from most of the avenues used, that you have 4 slots, but the only way to know for sure is to open the PC up and check yourself.
if 4 is true, you could get two more 8GB sticks to bring you up to 32GB, but you are then mixing current with (how many years?) older sticks and you have to check compatibility, latency and frequency.

might be less stress to simple buy 2x16GB. (budget permitting of course)

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Oh, thank you a lot!

The current ram memories - since you asked - are the one which existed during the purchase of the laptop, that is, August of 2016. You mean I have to choose the same brand of ram (Sasmung 8GB x2 2133Mhz latency I don't remember since I am at work now), right? Yes, the same brand is difficult along with same latency and frequency.

I didnt know though that it  will not work if you haven't everything same as far as the memory slots are concerned. So, thanks for your important advice! 

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it may work, in fact probably would, if you mix up the latency and/or frequency,  but it may not, memory can be finicky like that.
it will however force all sticks to run at the speed of the slowest.

so it's a laptop(must have missed that), that changes things a bit, firstly 'open the case to check' becomes a bloody lot harder.
hell even changing laptop RAM can be ridiculous.  those that have an externally accessible panel are great, but some have a RAM slot on either side of the motherboard.
in other words, you have to take off the keyboard to get to one side, and the whole back plate to get to the other - all depends on your laptop make/model.

I can say however, I've never seem any laptop with 4 slots before.

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I finally decided to write to ASUS support and the answer is that there are only 2 memory slots.

So, the crucial scanner was right, actually.


Thank you, mta for all of your answers!

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