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Hack ccleaner pro

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Having heard of a hack to the free version of CCleaner I assumed that the PRO version was precluded from the intrusion. Not so, this morning upon booting my Windows 7 tower there was an issue and it turned out to be an issue with Piriform having been hit by a Trojan, actually two Trojans. To make a long story short, the fix was reasonably simple after much gnashing of teeth and having boot failure after boot failure I finally managed to boot into SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING. Upon booting to Safe Mode I ran a scan with MALWAREBYTES PRO which found the two nefarious items, with MWB I deleted the items BUT not before, also in Safe Mode, doing an uninstall of CCLEANER. Windows is back to normal and I am very reticent to reinstall CCleaner. Out of curiosity I wondered how many others with this version of CCleaner have had similar issues. At this point I am going to leave CCleaner out of the system until I do more research or hear something positive regarding this issue.

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