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all files ignored after deep scan

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I have been so incredible stupid to reformat my external drive. All my pictares are (were) there.

I have run a deep scan bij Recuva professional and as a result I had zero files in the result list and about 20000 files ignored.

I tried a second time, under 'actions' I selected every checkbox, and had the same result.

I am desparate!! 

Can anyone please tell me what I do wrong?

Thanks a lot!


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It would seem like the most likely method to create a reformat would be to take the MFT and move it along with supporting info to an unused location on the disk with a director to it, then create a new table with only the necessary basic stuff and the drive would be formatted. Instead they do something quite different and throw away all of the existing information without wiping the disk. If they used that little improvement, they could easily undo an unintentional reformat (uninformed intentional reformat) and put you back in business immediately as long as you did nothing with the drive after it was reformatted. Too simple I guess.


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