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Seagate 750 GB HD


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160GB does it for me, I'm only using around 90 gigs. What takes up most of your space anyway? Music?

Right now I don't have much space to work with (a 30 GB notebook HD and a 200 GB external) but I know if I had more space, I would definitely find things to fill it with. For example, I plan on one day ripping all of my DVDs onto my hard drive, so that I can watch them right off of it. Uncompressed, they are about 4+ GBs a movie, and I've got around 50 or so movies, so that's 200 GBs right there! And that isn't even including music. I encode my music as FLAC, so it is usually over 300 MBs per disk. So, if you think 3 albums per GB, and I have around 180 albums, that's another 60 GB. Also, I plan on encoding my library as 192k MP3 for compatiblity's sake, so that will tack on another 14.5 GB or so (assuming around 80 MBs per album). And then another 3 GB or so for the OS+updates and a dozen or so more GBs for apps... it adds up!

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Give Andavari lots of money and maybe even consider getting K a DVD-RW drive.


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I remember when I had a 1 gigabyte SCSI disk on my 386 at 16 MHz. It was enormous, I had tons of games on it, but I couldnt fill it. :D

It was like endless. ;)


Good old days, heh. :D


What takes most is probably movies.


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