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Difference between CCleaner “Startup” and “Browser Plugin’s” tabs

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My post is more a request for information about how a couple of the "features" of CCleaner work.  I was unable to find the information on the CCleaner website ( I may have been looking in the wrong place(s).  Here is my request:


I have some general questions about the operation of CCleaner “Startup” and “Browser Plugin’s” tabs.  Are there “Tutorials” or other CCleaner documents that explain the difference between the file listing shown in the two tabs? There seems to be some duplication's. For example, the browser Firefox listings show some files that are also shown in the Windows “Startup” tab.  Does this mean the file is rerun when the Firefox browser is started?


I have Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) and want to “clean up” my “Startup” menu.   I know there are “required” Microsoft WIN 7 files and probably a few non Microsoft “required files that need to be in the “Startup”.  Is there a “minimum´ startup list for Windows 7 PRO or a website that shows/recommends/discusses a WIN 7 PRO minimum startup list?  I could then compare that list to the list that CCleaner shows for my Startup-Windows tab.  I do not want to delete some files and then find out something does not run correctly or Windows will not start.


Appreciate any suggestions, links or information.

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i found only this one about auto-startup




startup and browser plugins are two different things





xp was a good "tuning" os with configurable services but w7 is more difficult because the collaboration between the whole services is more extensive...

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