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Time to time I have to scan 256GB FAT32( :() microsd from mums android. Deep scan. And it is DAMN SLOW, though the reader and a card itself are rather fast (resource monitor shows 103MB/s throttling to 35 after a while). I can only imagine how loud the guys with 4TB drives are crying.  :wacko: 

1. Sometimes user knows where files are possibly located. So it could be nice to add an advanced feature to select scan strategies. E.g. scan a range between specific addresses. Caching of such result is also appreciated, because if users heuristic fails, he would like to expand the range or scan whole drive - rescanning old range would be a total waste of time and memory resource.

2. Add life interactive preview of what is found at the moment (like it is implemented in win10's explorer search). If user sees, that all needed files are found, he'll stop the scanning. At the moment I can stop scanning in the middle and get the results, but I have no idea about what is already found. Btw, taking the latter thing in account, gives me an idea, that this feature possibly needs GUI-only improvement. Life preview also gives sense to another useful scan strategy - scan whole drive, starting from a specific address in the middle (after the last address goes the first).

3. Address range selector can be not just hexadecimal form. E.g. it can be drawn as a neat double slider, with full length corresponding to the whole storage.

Aside from the speed it gives more chances to recover desired files, before the drive will die irrevocably. For example now I'am procrastinating recovery of half-dead old hdd with photos - the more I read from it, the more errors that drive gives, so I'd like to scan only potentially useful areas.

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