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CCleaner not cleaning 1 file


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I got a new computer a few days ago and I am using Windows 10 now. There is 1 file CCleaner will not clean, Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet files. It is a bit annoying because I don't use Internet Explorer on this computer (I only use Microsoft Edge and Chrome). Why is CCleaner not cleaning this 1 file?


PS: I an using version 5.33.6162 64bit

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what is this file in question?


even though you don't use the temp folder used by IE, a lot of other MS things are, like Edge for example, then there's Skype, Defender, Office and who's knows what else I couldn't rattle of the tip of the tongue. :)

there is probably even non-MS software that uses it, after-all, if I am a software developer, why look for, create and maintain my own temporary folders when I know Windows always has one already there.


you can either EXCLUDE it so as not to see it in the future, or INCLUDE it to make sure it gets deleted (providing it can be, ie: not locked or in use or something).

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