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How to jump to a specific thread from within search results panel?

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I confess... I am 100% sure that I am doing something wrong, but ...


after doing a search here and within the search results panel, how am I to open the specific topic?

right now, when I click on the topic/thread, the forum page is opened, listing all topics/threads,

instead of being transferred to the specific thread.





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I shall use the words... last download location.... as an example


Be on the forum main page and press the square at the end of the search box...  don't enter any words yet


This will bring up another more complete list of search options page.


Enter our test words in the 'Find Words' box.


Scroll down a little bit to where it says 'Display Results'. and select 'As Posts'


Then press Search Now button.


Obviously you can play around with the settings a bit such as which part of the forum you search in etc.


Does that help ?

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