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Hello everyone,


I would like to suggest a search field to help quickly find and/or filter the items that we are looking for, as the lists for Windows/Applications are growing larger.


It could be activated by a keyboard shortcut like F3 and/or CTRL-F, and a possible location would be on the red field as the example bellow:




Thanks, keep it slim and clean, and success to all of you from Piriform!

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Well, just look for it. It's hardly an extensive list, is it? It's easier to wag the slider bar up and down than type something in a search box.

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With winapp2 a search field would be useful, no doubt. Without it too, as it is always faster to enter a keyboard shortcut and type what we are looking for.

Sometimes we need to clean/analize just some specific item, and be able to find it faster is an advantage.

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