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What do the numbers mean?


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I would like some information, on hard drive numbers, and what they mean. I have a preowned drive in a preowned system, was actually a replacement computer, since the other small form factor had a problem with the power supply. So I changed the drives around.


I doubt there is any problem displayed. The drive is over ten years old. I have Dimension 4600 which has a drive going back fourteen years or so. I haven't actually viewed the date. But the system is that old. I also have an older computer with a drive dating over fifteen years, very low usage that one.


Thank you.


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g'day optiplex and welcome to the forum,


nothing in your screenshot would give me cause for worry.

for the supposed age of the drive, not only are they excellent figures, but there's just no errors to be concerned about.


with the age, you'd have to be betting that the end is nigh but heck, if it's as old as you suspect, there's no reason it can't survive 5 more years or so.

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The optiplex 780, the drive from the other 780 is dated from April 2007, I imagine it was never used when Windows 7 was installed on it back in November 2015.


As for the other systems, I'd need to view them again. But the GX270 drive which is over fifteen years, has a low usage. I don't know if the drive was the original or not, the system has two bad capacitors could be a third soon, but other than a temporary Linux system, it is pretty useless to use. I was editing a map level on it, for an old game, but the person helping me didn't want to assist me anything with it.





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