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Windows 10 system images

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Windows 10 system images are one of the things that are being removed in the next build of Win 10 (Fall Creators Update)



System Image Backup (SIB) Solution

We recommend that users use full-disk backup solutions from other vendors.


Also screen savers



Screen saver functionality in Themes

To be disabled in Themes (classified as "Removed" in this table). Screen saver functionality in Group Policies, Control Panel, and Sysprep is now deprecated but continues to be functional.



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wow, no image backup option in the next Win10, that's surprising.

sounds like a cop-out.

it's already there after all, how hard is it to maintain?

and why not simply do what MS has done many times in the past, acquire the software from a 3rd party and offer it up as one of theirs.

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Did anyone ever use Microsofts own System Imaging tool? (or did you all go out and get Macrium or Acronis?)

I would guess that the majority of home users have never heard of a System Image, most of them never make a recovery USB/disc or even make file backups.

I can see getting rid of Screen Savers, they are not needed with LCD screens, they don't 'burn in' like old cathode ray monitors used to.
Some dedicated gamers still prefer to use CRT's, but do they leave the machine alone long enough for a screen saver to kick in?

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