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5.33 shoves in Google Chrome - no custom install option to omit

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Ccleaner was prompting me that there was a newer version (5.33.6162).  I followed Piriform's web pages for the free version which takes me to a file download from FileHippo.  When I ran that installer, I elected the Customize option (which I always do to avoid bloatware that is bundled in with installers).  Instead of running a local installer, I got a web installer (stub installer) that yanks the product from some server.  This was not a local install.


After the install completed, I find that Google Chrome got installed on my computer.  I specifically used the Customize in the installer to avoid this crap.  After uninstalling Google Chrome (and cleaning up the file and registry remnants), I reran the CCleaner 5.33 installer again.  Customize does not show an option to deselect the installation of Google Chrome.  So Piriform is shoving this web browser down their customers throats without prompt and without permission.


Either Piriform decided to shove Google Chrome onto their users' computers without any warning, like showing a checkbox the user could deselect, or the web installer at FileHippo is tainted with bloatware that is forced upon the users.  Since Piriform changed to a web installer and forces installation of bloatware with no choice in the Customize selection to deselect that bloatware, I will uninstall CCleaner, find something else, and warn others of this very nasty behavior by Piriform.

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If Piriform wants us getting their installer and not one wrapped with another [web] installer at some file hosting site then Piriform should provide download links that point to files that are on Piriform's server.  Ccleaner told me there was a new update.  It was Ccleaner's update checker that specified the URL for my default web browser to load a page at Piriform's site.  At THAT time the code Piriform delivered in THEIR web page had the "No thanks" button take me to FileHippo.  Why would Piriform randomly code their own web page to point at a file hoster that cannot be trusted?


When the update checker in CCleaner is used, the web page presented might point to a file on Piriform's server.  The page might point to FileHippo for the file download.  The user won't know until they click the button to see if they remain at Piriform's site or are redirected to FileHippo.  Piriform wants to offload some bandwidth onto FileHippo but it is erratic to where the links point: Piriform's server or somewhere else.  Piriform decided to trust FileHippo because Piriform redirects their users from Piriform to FileHippo.


If Piriform does not want 3rd-party file hosting sites from modifying or wrapping their installer -- and thereby tarnishing Piriform's image with modified or wrapped installers -- then Piriform should ALWAYS point those download links in their web page(s) to their own file server.


Users are led to the web page for the URL that CCleaner gives them when it announces there is an update.  They are not directed to a builds page on Piriform's site.  I followed Ccleaner's and Piriform's own navigation.  As noted, that navigation is not trustworthy because the file may get retrieved from somewhere other than Piriform. 


I thought FileHippo was responsible in hosting the files that program authors deposit there.  Looks like Piriform did, too.  Piriform needs to change their download page so the files only originate from Piriform.


By the way, thanks for the URL to the builds page.  I will have to remember to NOT use the web page that CCleaner takes me to for an update and instead add a link in the Start menu folder for Ccleaner that takes me to the build page.  Ccleaner can notify me of a new update but I won't be using the URL it takes me to since Piriform's web page may not be pointing at files from Piriform's server.

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By the way, I downloaded from the CCleaner builds page and then did a binary file compare with what I got from FileHippo.  No difference.  The files were exact duplicates of each other.


It is possible that FileHippo misleads with the download links on their web page.  What looks like the download button might be for something else.  What I see when Piriform sent me to the FileHippo page looked like the captured image at:




I just downloaded from FileHippo again and did a binary file compare against the one downloaded from Piriform's build page.  Again they were identical.

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It could have been what the installer itself did, and wouldn't be the first time either! In the past if people clicked through the installer too fast without pausing for a bit it would install Google's software because there was some sort of delay issue to display the options to not install Google's software, and every now and then it still happens - although it supposedly isn't supposed to.


It's one of the reasons I always prefer portable versions of software if/when it's available and in CCleaner's case there is a portable zipped version. Portable usually equals no surprises and no piggybacking of unwanted and unrelated 3rd party software.

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A polite installer would offer the option to opt-out (since most times bundleware is opt-in, by default).  If the installer bundles other installers or links to them then it should provide a separate screen or option to NOT install any of the bundleware.  When I re-ran the CCleaner installer (from Piriform's server), but before actually committing to an install, I found no option to opt-out of Google Chrome.


If Piriform's installer is bypassing an opt-out screen (and they opt-in, by default) then that is a bug in their installer.  Piriform *has* bundled Google Chrome before with their installer but there was an opt-out screen.  See:





Those opt-out screens were not presented during the install of CCleaner 5.33.6162 nor was *any* option presented to let me deselect the bundleware install.


The claimed purpose of bundleware is to offset the cost of providing the freeware (development costs, web or file hosting costs, etc).  Yeah, that is a valid argument when the product is available ONLY as freeware.  It is NOT a valid argument when there is a commercial (payware) version of the product or the company is selling other payware.  Just how much revenue can Piriform collect from bundleware linked to their product's install?  If they want to lure users to their payware version of CCleaner, they really need to add some killer feature to the payware version.  Bundleware, especially when forced (deliberately or due to a bug), only irritates their customers.    The comparison of their freeware and payware (Pro) version shows:


In freeware version:

- Faster computer (a misleading claim since deleting files and registry entries does not make the computer faster).

- Privacy protection.

Added in the payware (Pro) version:

- Real-time monitoring (I tried this in a trial and didn't like it).

- Scheduled cleaning (just use "ccleaner.exe /auto" in a Task Scheduler event).

- Automatic updates (I disable those so the state of my computer doesn't change without my permission).

- Premium support (something you hope NOT to use).


They need something more in their payware version to lure their freeware customers to their Pro version.  Bundleware just pushes away their potential payware licensees, like deleting in-use files or upon a restart using the PendingRename registry key (like Unlocker), or a special discounted price on some payware, like a $20 for a lifetime license to Sandboxie (instead of $35).  The additional Pro features are doable without paying for the Pro version or are accomplished using other freeware.  They shouldn't be using bundleware to offset the costs for their freeware (which sales of their payware should already accomplish).

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