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Oğuzhan K???K

Suggestion: Customizing the Deletion of Recently Typed URLs

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i love CCLeaner. i thank everyone who worked for it. it is just "excellent". maybe more but not less. I hope it never ends.




i have a suggestion:


it's good to clean recently typed URLs (RTURLs). but there are some URLs i need IE to drop down for me. like e-mail sites, google, etc. therefore just like customizing cookies for undeletion and deletion i suggest CCleaner team to let users customize the RTURLs. yes just like cookies. i am sure you can handle it.


thanks in advance.



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Marhaba!! When I saw the little dodads over your name I knew you were a Turk. I will be in Kusadasi most of July. We keep a house there, and if you want to check out ladies beach, give a yell. HEIDI...

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yassas Gunner :)


glad to receive your response.


Kuşadası is perfect. nice choice. i am sure you will enjoy anything including the ladies and the beach :) as far as i know people of Ellada know entertaining. my suggestions: do not miss to see Ephessos, the hillside residences and the Celcus libraries. if you have time i suggest you also to go down through Lykian civilization ruins. excellent experience to touch those Lykian stones of masterpieces. also do not waste all your time with sand, sea, and sun and the ladies :) and go through Hitit ruins 1500BC in the central Anatolia. it's cheap and exciting to get in there.


bon voyage!


i will be in Antalya and probably in Kaş (Kaash is the pronunciation) of Antalya this summer. maybe i give a yell :)


love and regards my neighbour...


by the way...


those "dodads" :) killing us -the Turks- in the internet. English language unfortunately is poor considering pronunciation. in Turkish, we have a single character for every single one of letters or units of pronunciation, as i know, just as Ellenic language. or other Eastern ones such as Arabic, etc.


i really wonder why English people or at least intellectuals start a revolution of alphabet to read as it is written and to write as it is pronunciated???

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