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Hiberfil.sys still showing after Hibernate turned off

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Did a whole bunch of defrags and I noticed that there were a dozen or so pink blocks that remained 'Fragmented' through all the processes,


Clicked on the blocks and eight or nine were named 'hiberfil.sys'.


Searched online and I discovered that they comprise the space reserved for Hibernation files.


So I turned off Hibernation on my W7 laptop, expecting that Defrggler would no longer recognize the blocks as hibernation space allocation.


But after rebooting and restarting Defraggler, they're still there and still pink.


Advice please :-)

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and when you click on one of those pink blocks in DF what file does is state is taking up the space?

and what process did you use to turn of hibernation?


powercfg -h off is my method (from an elevated command prompt)

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Thanks for responding


There are 11 blocks, each 3,069, 812KB in size, named 'hiberfil.sys'.


I turned Hibernation on in the Power Management section, accessed from the desktop screen, via right click, Personalize, Change Power Settings, lid close actions.


I thought deselecting it would turn it off. Apparently not?


LATER: mta, I used your command and it worked. Defraggler no longer shows the blocks as hiberfil.sys.

Cheers :-)

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